Business & Finance

The Sunnyside Unified School District Business and Finance Department provides our employees, vendors, and community members with all the necessary assistance it takes to manage the business operations of our district. Some of our services include payroll, benefits, and budget management.

School Finance Presentations

Annual Financial Report (AFR)

View the district’s Annual Financial Report (AFR) on the Arizona Department of Education’s site.

The Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Financial Report (AFR) is a report of expenditures made and revenues received for the school year beginning July 1, 2020 and ending June 30, 2021. The most recent Annual Financial Report can be downloaded here.

Annual Financial Reports

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports and Single Audit Reporting Package Reports

School districts are required to undergo an annual single audit and publish a complete set of financial statements presented in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the U.S. and audited in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the U.S. by a certified public accounting firm.

Fiscal Year 2021

Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR)

We are proud to present the Popular Annual Financial Report for fiscal year ending 2021. This report is a reflection of our efforts to keep you informed of the Sunnyside Unified School District financial operations and what we are achieving with our financial resources. Within this report you will find an analysis of where the SUSD’s financial resources come from and where the dollars are spent in a format that is easy to understand.

Popular Annual Report for Fiscal Year End 2021

Popular Annual Financial Report

Report Archives

Annual Expenditure Budget

View the district’s Annual Expenditure Budget.





Additional Resources

Arizona School Finance Summary Manual

View the district’s Arizona School Finance Summary Manual.

Manual provided by the Arizona Association of School Business Officials (AASBO) organization. Finance summary provides an understanding of the school budget.

Sunnyside’s Purchasing Procedures