Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides rigorous and relevant coursework preparing individuals for high-demand, high-wage careers. CTE programs are transformed programs of study that no longer resemble the vocational education programs of previous decades. As we prepare students for emerging and future careers, CTE coursework must encompass technical knowledge in specific program areas, while applying the skills learned in core content classes. Meeting this new educational demand requires new instructional delivery designs that integrate both academic and industry skills. CTE instruction requires supporting technology that enables students the opportunity to collaborate remotely with peers and industry representatives, taking their learning beyond the classroom.

The workforce of the 21st century relies on people who have a unique skills of both technical and analytical skills. Our role is not just to prepare students for college and the workforce, but to provide them with a wide range of transferable skills to succeed in not just one, but multiple careers in their lifetime. Through our partnerships with Southern Arizona Manufacturing Partners, Arizona Technology Council, JTED, Sun Corridor and other business and industry groups, our District is helping students explore their post-secondary options and connect with regional employers in both large and small organizations who are ready to provide internships, hire and develop talent.

Real-World Ready Is What Sets Us Apart

Southern Arizona’s economy is growing at a rapid pace with industries like bioscience, aerospace and space science, precision manufacturing, hospitality and gastronomy in our own backyard. The College and Career Academies ensure our students have a competitive edge for life after graduation through:

  • College and career-ready focused education
  • Rigorous Career and Technical Education classes
  • Real-world, relevant and engaging classes
  • Small learning communities include a supportive Freshman Academy followed by a student-clustered, College and Career Academy
  • Earn college credit in high school for dual credit and advanced placement
  • Community partnerships with business, industry, colleges and agencies offer more learning opportunities
  • Global classes include world languages, fine arts and physical education

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Have you ever wanted to be a cook, astronaut, police officer, soldier, teacher, entrepreneur, pilot, nurse, doctor, or reporter? Did you picture yourself being an engineer, mechanic, electrician, architect, photographer, or director? Maybe you have natural talents for making things, helping people, or leadership qualities that can help reshape the world around you? The Interactive Course Guide is a short assessment that can help you identify those skills and interests and suggest which SUSD CTE programs best fit you!

Interactive Course Guide

SUSD offers 26 Career & Technical Education programs delivered through 7 College & Career Academies

Desert View High School Academies:

Visual & Performing Arts
CASH (Culinary, Agricultural Science, Hospitality)
Health & Human Services

 Sunnyside High School Academies:

Medical & Allied Health
Law & Human/Public Service
Business Multimedia & Transportation

Explore each of the programs below!