Office of the Superintendent

Photo of Superintendent Jose GastelumMr. Jose Gastelum

Mr. Gastelum has been with SUSD since 1997 when he began his career in education as a Spanish teacher. He most recently served as Sunnyside’s Chief Student Services Officer—a role that has prepared and qualified him to become the district’s new Chief Executive. Mr. Gastelum has also worked as Director of Secondary Schools, Principal and Assistant Principal. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from the University of Arizona, and he holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

His track record of driving academic excellence and post-secondary attainment, along with his commitment to provide students with the same opportunities he received while growing up in the district, demonstrate his capability to succeed in this new role.

Performance Goals for the 2022-2023

Approved 7/12/2022

Goal 1: Academic Performance and Alignment of Equitable Grading K-5

Improve aggregate on Arizona Academic Standards Assessment (AASA) performance in Literacy and Mathematics from the previous 2021-2022 school year.
In collaboration with students, teachers and district staff, develop policy recommendations for K-5 that align grading practices from 6 – 12 that are accurate, motivational, bias- resistant and improve learning.

Goal 2: 8th to 9th Grade Transition

In order to prepare 8th graders as they transition to high school, a majority of 8th grade students will complete a career cluster survey and develop a high school transition plan.
Increase self-awareness and complete a career cluster survey.

  • Complete a unit on educational planning in order to make informed educational choices including college and career readiness.
  • Access resources to explore a variety of career options.
  • Develop a high school transition plan.

Goal 3: School Safety and Wellbeing

In collaboration with law enforcement and the district Safe & Orderly Task Force Team, we will address safety vulnerabilities in our system and report periodically to the Governing Board.
We will continue the implementation framework for supporting the Whole Learner that incorporates Social Emotional Learning and Student Wellbeing.

Goal 4: Culture and Climate

The Chief Schools Officer will work with leadership teams at each site to develop specific strategies to address climate issues that impact the retention of staff at individual sites (discipline, communication, instructional support). This coming year, we will implement parent, student, and staff climate surveys. We will analyze results and share with administrators and the school board. Retention data will be analyzed for each school.