Bus Rules and Regulations

  1. In all behavior and disciplinary matters, the school bus is considered an extension of the school day. Discipline problems on the school bus will result in regular school discipline. In addition, measures will be taken in relation to bus riding privileges.
  2. The privilege of riding a school bus is based upon the continued observance of the rules and regulations. Student conduct must not divert the driver’s attention from his primary duty of safely transporting students.
  3. Students must ride the bus assigned unless authorization is given by the principal.
  4. Students are to be on time. The bus must maintain its schedule.
  5. Students are not to stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  6. Students are to take their seats as soon as they get on the bus. Students are not to move or change seats unless instructed by the driver.
  7. The bus driver is in full charge while transporting students.
  8. The bus driver may assign seats on the bus. Students will take the seats as assigned when told to do so.
  9. Students must not extend hands, arms, or heads out of the windows.
  10. Students are to refrain from unnecessary conversation with the bus driver.
  11. The damage done to the seats or other equipment will be paid for by the offender.
  12. The use or possession of tobacco, controlled substances, and alcohol is prohibited on the bus.
  13. The buses are to be kept clean. There is to be no throwing or shooting of any article at any time. Food and drink carried on the bus will remain in the proper containers. No eating or drinking allowed on the bus.
  14. The driver is not to load or unload students at other than assigned stops. The exception to this is the written authorization from proper school officials whereby students are to use only another established bus stop.
  15. Students are not to leave the bus without the driver’s consent. The emergency exit will not be used unless the driver gives instructions to do so.
  16. When it is necessary to cross the road after leaving the bus, students must wait for the driver’s instructions to cross the road in front of the bus.
  17. Please extend the proper courtesy to your drivers, for they have a big job to do.
  18. A student who is temporarily suspended from riding privileges and subsequently found riding any bus will be issued another misconduct notice and the related discipline.
  19. Students will give their correct names and addresses when requested to do so. If students do not give the correct information, they will receive the next level of misconduct notice.
  20. Large potentially dangerous objects are not to be brought on the bus.
  21. Animals of any type are not to be brought on the bus.
  22. Balloons and Flowers are not allowed on the bus for any reason or occasion.