Fiscal & Public Accountability

Updated: May 04, 2022

We Believe in Open and Accountable Governance.

Educating more than 17,000 students is a tremendous responsibility, as is managing a total district budget of nearly $80 million. The Sunnyside Unified School District has been trusted to fulfill this mission.

The Sunnyside Governing Board and District administration are steadfast in their commitment to put students first in everything we do.

Responsible Fiscal Management

Through responsible fiscal management, we ensure as much money as possible is allocated to our classrooms and schools.

Prudent Budgeting Pays Off

By budgeting wisely and maintaining proper reserves, the District has maintained a high bond rating of AA, providing the greatest value to our District taxpayers.


We believe in open and accountable governance. For that reason we are committed to fiscal accountability. Sunnyside will be providing our stakeholders with access to updated expenditures.

As part of this continuing process, we are creating this web portal to provide you with more direct access to many of our most important documents. Please visit this site again and often as we begin the process of posting.

Tax Rates

The video below is from “Finance 101”, a special meeting held on February 17, 2015 for Sunnyside Education Association members. Held in the Governing board Room, the Finance 101 meeting provided the “how” and “why” of school district funding and budgeting in the State of Arizona and the Sunnyside Unified School District.

Arizona Auditor General - Reports

Public Records Request Form

The Board recognizes the right of the public to information concerning its actions, its policies, and the details of its educational and business operations. The Board encourages study, discussion, and active participation by all concerned in the promotion of the best possible program of education in the community. Public records of the District will be open for inspection by any person as provided by law. The Public Information Office will receive requests for records inspection or copying during normal business hours on Monday through Friday.

For more information on Public Records Requests, please see Policy KDB and KDB-R at this link

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