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The MEL Center Demo Project
mariselafe's picture
By Marisela Felix
Director of Public Info
MARCH 16, 2021 / MODIFIED MAR 26, 2021 04:03 PM

The building located at 5101 S. Liberty Avenue, also known as the MEL Center will be demolished starting on Monday, March 15.

The scope of work is as follows:

1. The Contractor is responsible for contacting the proper utilities agencies to retire the necessary utilities (natural gas, water, and/or electricity) prior to demolition.

2. Demolition and removal of structures shall include removal of the entire identified structure(s) and contents.

3. Construction limits. The selected contractor is to properly contain and dispose of any and all asbestos containing and dispose of according to Neshap guide lines.

4. Contractor will dispose of materials as required by local, state and federal guidelines.

Arizona Revised Statute and ordinances related to storm water drainage, dust, debris that may impact the area.

5. All floor slabs, foundations pilings, steps, and other above ground materials

6. All all-weather, impervious surfaces including concrete shall be removed.

7. Fences belonging to SUSD shall be removed.

8. Removal and disposal of any propane tanks and all piping, will be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD) has worked with Pima County to address all asbestos issues. SUSD has been issued a Neshap permit and the safety concerns related to the removal of asbestos in a building has been addressed. 

The district has been issued a demo permit based on the health and welfare of the students, and the community.