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Updated: October 22, 2021

Chaperone Guidelines for School Trips

In advance of each trip away from the school, school administrators must ensure that each chaperone has read, understands and has signed off on the following guidelines:

  1. When participating in Sunnyside Unified School District-sponsored field trips, activities and events away from school, all of the same rules, regulations and policies apply on a 24-hour basis to all students and adult chaperones traveling with the group as if the event were being held at the school. As at school, students should at no time be left without adult supervision.
  2. Chaperones may request a copy of and are expected to follow District Policies: GBEB, GBEC, GBED, and IJOA, which can be found on the District website Student Services Page
  3. Chaperones are expected to follow and enforce all school rules as stated in these guidelines as well as in the Appendices found in the Sunnyside Unified School District Handbook of Standards of Intervention & Disciplinary Measures, pages 40-76. Chaperones may request a copy from any school site or access the document through the District website Student Services Page
  4. Chaperones are expected to speak and act in a responsible manner at all times while on the trip.
  5. Chaperones are to be responsible for a group of students from the time the transportation vehicle leaves campus until it returns.
  6. Only students on the approved list submitted to SUSD administration may travel.
  7. All school rules will apply during school trips and school lDs must be worn at all times.
  8. Attendance will be taken prior to leaving campus and must be reported to the attendance office.
  9. On trips where airlines are used as transportation, the lead chaperone will be required to take an extra set of IDs from the school.
  10. A student-teacher ratio as indicated below must be followed for field trips:
    Overnight Trips
    Field trips - Includes tour or trip that involves students moving to several different places, ie. campus visits
    **These guidelines do not apply to performances
  11. On any overnight trip, if male and female students are attending there must be at least one male and female chaperone.
  12. Certified staff must be included at a 2:1 ratio for overnight trips. Parents and classified staff may chaperone as approved by the Principal.
  13. Student rosters with emergency information must be shared with all chaperones and carried with each chaperone at all times. Student rosters should be collected from chaperones at the end of the field trip.
  14. Chaperones must take a frequent (every few hours for high school age students, more frequent for younger students) headcount of students in their group, and after every transition or transportation activity such as loading/unloading from the bus, etc. If a student is determined to be missing at any time, all adult chaperones on the trip must be informed immediately and a phone call needs to be made to the site administrator. One adult may be assigned to leave the group and look for the lost student, but again, no students should be left without adult supervision.
  15. If public (or private-anything other than a SUSD School District Bus or Van) transportation is going to be used, it must be listed in the itinerary to be approved by school administration as well as parents. Parents need to know exactly what type of transportation will be used and have the opportunity to sign-off and agree to this type of transportation. This includes trains, cabs, buses, etc.
  16. Specifics regarding pre and post-conference activities such as evening sporting events, movies, restaurant selections, etc., need to be pre-approved at least one week in advance by the school administration and parents. Parents will be given the agenda along with lodging (phone number) and travel information.
  17. Hotel Stays-If students are staying at a hotel, bed checks are required nightly and each morning by adult chaperones with reasonable curfews including "lights out" times established and enforced. When room assignments are issued there will be no room switching. No boys in girls’ rooms and vice versa at any time. Any student found to be in violation will be referred for disciplinary action.
  18. If the field trip includes a student conference, and the conference involves multiple breakout sessions, adult chaperones must meet up regularly with students and ask for session artifacts, or sign-in logs, journal summaries, etc., to confirm that students did attend the session. Conference session attendance takes precedence over sightseeing and shopping.
  19. Chaperones must call the school or district administrator with any concerns or questions.

Chaperones are expected to maintain discipline at all times during the trip, which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Ensure that students are in assigned seats.
  2. Ensure that no stereos or electronic games without headphones are being used during travel that could result in a distraction or disturbance.
  3. Ensure that students are quiet and courteous on the transportation vehicle and in the hotels/motels.
  4. Ensure that if the transportation vehicle or hotel/motel has a VCR, any movie watched must fall within the guidelines of SUSD Governing Board Regulation and Form IJND-R, and IJND-E, which outline separate regulations for elementary, middle and high school students. Parents have the right to deny permission for their children to view a particular film/video.
  5. Ensure that a curfew is established and adhered to by all students.
  6. Refer any serious behavioral problems(s) immediately to the trip's sponsor. If serious infractions occur, a school administrator will be contacted to determine if the student needs to be sent home. The student's parents will be notified and students will be sent home. The cost of transportation for the student and chaperone will be the responsibility of the parent. Infractions include, but are not limited to, members of the opposite sex in each other's room; possession of controlled substances or alcohol; theft; vandalism; or leaving the trip or any supervised area without permission. In addition, disciplinary action as outlined in the Sunnyside Unified School District Handbook of Standards of Intervention & Disciplinary Measures will apply including the protocol regarding the contact and involvement of local law enforcement authorities.

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