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Alternative Pathways Program

The mission of the Sunnyside Alternative Pathways Program provides high school students a unique and personalized educational plan in a non-traditional and flexible setting to obtain their high school diploma. 

The SUSD Alternative Pathways Program has expanded to include the following school sites: Desert View High School, Los Ranchitos Center and Sunnyside High School. The Alternative Pathways program is will house no more than 15-20 students per school site.

The Alternative Pathways program focuses on Credit Recovery Options and will infuse Character Education coursework in their daily routine. This program referral process is done through high school Administrators, Social Workers, Counselors, ABSS and/or Academic Interventionist.  Students that are referred to the Pathways program and will be screened and/or approved through the Alternative Pathways Coordinator.


Alternative to Suspension

The Alternative to Suspension program will continue to be based out of the Los Ranchitos Center. This year, student enrollment will be for students who have been Long-Term suspended for primarily LEVEL 1 offenses. Placement will be determined by the Program Coordinator and the process of a Long-Term Hearing. Students may also be screened for enrollment through an Abeyance Violation of a Long Term Suspension. There will continue to be an emphasis on socioemotional learning built into their daily curriculum.


Homebound Program

The SUSD Homebound program provides academic instruction to K-12 students in Exceptional Education or on a 504 Plan. Students qualify through a physical or mental health condition that requires them to be out of school for less than three months or intermittent periods of time totaling three months. The student’s home school is responsible for the IEP/504 being in compliance. Students may only qualify if their Medical Certification form has been approved by a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy. No other providers will be permitted for the certification process.




UPDATED APR 20, 2020 08:45 AM