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Sunnyside Foundation exists to provide enriched educational opportunities for children in the Sunnyside Unified School District. 

20+ years ago, a group of determined SUSD alumni got together with a vision. 

They believed SUSD students deserved a level playing field and equal resources to become successful, productive citizens. Together they founded the SUSD Foundation or Sunnyside Foundation, to provide teachers and students with the resources they need to enhance learning experiences for our students.  

Today the foundation has donated over $700k back to teachers, students, and families in SUSD. In alignment with district vision, we invest in the tools and resources that will make our students college, career, and community ready!

SUSDF runs lean. 90% of your donated funds are invested directly back into programs that support our students. 

Because of your help we fund field trips, classroom resources, teacher support, and student/ community wellness needs (doctor appointments, diabetic snacks, clothing like shoes and jackets, and more). 

Current Funding Priorities Include:

  • Literacy and Early Childhood
  • Fine Arts & Music

Learn more about how you can support our students by visiting the Sunnyside Foundation Website.

To speak with SUSD Executive Director please fill out the contact form below:

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